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    There is a new project to set up rehoming centres for research animals in Australia. Go to the web page and read the downloadable white paper on the new Liberty movement to find out more.

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Specialists in communicating sustainability

It seems almost every business has a sustainability or environmental message to convey. But how do you achieve cut through for your organisation? This is where InBetween Media can assist in developing creative content, marketing and engagement strategies that help you communicate your vision for a better future. With nearly 20 years’ journalistic experience in the area of sustainable business and environmental issues, Paula Wallace has a wide scope of knowledge and experience to draw from business, government, for-purpose and not-for-profit sectors. She is also one of more than 450 alumni of the Centre for Sustainability Leadership, having completed its Fellowship program in 2016 where she was part of a team that facilitated a business roundtable and report on the potential for a circular economy approach to the denim industry in Australia. Paula has a particular interest in waste/recycling/material economy matters, business sustainability, social return on investment initiatives and animal welfare. She is currently spearheading the development of the Liberty Project in Australia to provide industry-led rehoming options for animals from research institutions.

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Report provides insight into circular denim movement

A Sydney-based group has just released a report based on a business roundtable held recently in Sydney, where leaders from business, consulting, retail, logistics and not-for-profit sectors discussed the opportunity to develop circular economy principles and practices in the denim industry in Australia.The roundtable discussion was an important first step in bringing together relevant parties, […]

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Ethical travel companies emphasise the ‘why’

Speaking at the Purpose event in Sydney today, travel companies Intrepid and Reho suggested that the ‘why’ is just as important as the ‘how’ in creating ethical travel options for consumers.   Speaking at a session on Cathedral Thinking, Co-Founder & Director at Intrepid Travel Geoff Manchester said: “Everyday we are creating our legacy… It […]

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Partnerships fuel #Waste2Wages agenda

 In recent years, the principles and practices of social sustainability have developed a greater presence in the business landscape. However, effective partnerships enabling positive social impact have a long and meaningful history in Australia. The cornerstone of shared value creation is in collaboration and strategic partnerships. Organisers of the Purpose event, taking place next week […]

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Legal avenues are re-framing corporate purpose

Coming together next week, a number of sustainability advocates will be discussing legal avenues that they believe will accelerate more ethical corporate governance in Australia. The way corporations are managed can have a big impact on the potential for either positive or negative change. This is highlighted by the fact that many corporations have a […]

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Telstra’s bid to unlock hidden value from old technology

Telstra has unveiled its new Electronics Reuse and Recycling Strategy, which aims to tackle Australia’s fastest growing waste problem – end-of-life electronics – or e-waste. E-waste has grown significantly in recent years, with the volume of end-of-life electronics worldwide expected to jump 33% to 65.4 million tonnes annually by 2017. At the same time, raw […]

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